US Grid Energy’s core team of deregulated energy procurement experts can help your organization reduce energy costs and mitigate risk in areas with electric & natural gas choice. We work with you to create a strategic plan that allows us to negotiate terms and pricing structures that meet your corporate risk tolerance. We monitor market conditions in order to find attractive opportunities that allow you to lock in at optimal times.

Our online pricing engine allows you to stay on top of the market in a fast and convenient way.

Benefits of Energy Procurement and Risk Management Services:

  • Access to larger purchasing power in order to get preferred rates.
  • Proprietary market intelligence that evaluates the competitiveness of energy supply bids.
  • Monitoring of contract compliance to ensure pricing and other terms are applied appropriately.
  • Verification of realized savings versus planned targets.


Rate Plans

Features of the Program

  • Cost reductions from 10% to 35% below Utility tariff rates.
  • The rate you receive will be specific to your facility and based on your load profile. You will no longer be given higher rates due to having small to medium usage volume.
  • US Grid Wholesale will monitor market fluctuations and advise you on the best time to lock in.


What Are The Benefits

Great Savings

  • Utility rates in your area continue to rise above national average.
  • Cost reductions from 10% to 35% below Utility tariffs.

Get Control

  • YOU determine the product type you will accept.
  • YOU determine the maximum term length you will accept.

Budget Certainty

  • Our suppliers offer fixed rates, which provides you with budget certainty on your monthly energy bills. If you desire an index or variable rate, US Grid Wholesale secures you a fixed adder over cost so you can verify what you’re getting.

Industry Knowledge

  • You receive the very best advice and consultation on both products and current market trends in order to make educated decisions on what’s best for your business.