What We Do


US Grid Wholesale provides energy management and market analysis to companies in a wide range of industries across every deregulated market in the US. The commodities market is ever evolving and requires a knowledgeable partner in order to navigate both current and future trends. US Grid Wholesale is the industry leader in providing our Customers both the information and tools they need in order to confidently secure the very best combination of price, service and risk management.

As an independent and unbiased energy management company, US Grid Wholesale can direct your company to the most competitive energy prices in the market. Energy prices fluctuate constantly and can have a significant effect on your energy bill. Poor decisions can be expensive. By taking a proactive approach to buying energy, you can better control your costs.

By working with US Grid’s energy experts, you can expect the following:

  • Access to Wholesale Aggregation rates
  • Maximize savings
  • Budget certainty
  • Secure the most favorable market opportunities and contract terms
  • Be protected against energy price volatility

Rate Analysis


Implementing a strategic energy management plan can protect your company from the negative financial and operational impacts of exposure to the energy markets. Successful programs apply forward looking market analysis to your company’s unique risk appetite.

US Grid Wholesale will help you effectively mitigate risk through customized recommendations based on quantifiable data. We work to lessen the impact of volatile energy costs by providing a suite of energy risk management services built upon customized strategies, analytical recommendations and thorough reporting.

Budget Development


Anticipating future energy expenses goes beyond just applying a blanket percentage increase to current costs. Effective budgets take into account information about market volatility, operational changes and forecasted rate increases.

US Grid Wholesale can create energy budgets that allow you to more accurately allocate funds for future energy costs. We save you time by conducting all the necessary research and bring value by estimating costs for each facility. US Grid Wholesale Energy budgets allow your company to plan for energy costs at both the site and corporate levels.

When developing a budget, our energy procurement experts examine factors such as historical and projected consumption data, existing contracts, fixed market positions and anticipated rate increases. We study how these factors will affect future energy costs and incorporate that intelligence into the budget.

Risk Management


US Grid Energy’s core team of deregulated energy procurement experts can help your organization reduce energy costs and mitigate risk in areas with electric & natural gas choice. We work with you to create a strategic plan that allows us to negotiate terms and pricing structures that meet your corporate risk tolerance. We monitor market conditions in order to find attractive opportunities that allow you to lock in at optimal times.

Market Intelligence


US Grid Wholesale recommends purchases for your company when it makes strategic sense. We do not only rely on the expiration date of your current contract to drive purchasing decisions. By constant monitoring of market performance, regulatory changes, economic data and historical performance we are prepared to anticipate changes in energy prices and contact you to alert you of money saving opportunities on your energy procurement.

In a volatile market like energy, it is crucial to monitor the markets and take action when there are dips in prices. US Grid Wholesale closely tracks market dynamics to identify the best possible time to initiate a purchase.